Delivery information

Delivery details

When placing an order, make sure you Enter correct details..Name, country,state/province, street address, house number, phone and email..

Additional notes

if you are not sure of your address or to make it easier for us to locate you can add more information in the order notes anything to help us deliver faster..


once the order is received, it will be processed and will be on the move as soon as possible… And you shall receive you order which you or any other adult must sign for within 36hrs or less… 

Please Note

you will receive an email once you successfully place an order and that you will be called if we have trouble locating you on the phone number you entered in on the delivery/billing details form and sometime delivery may delay please allow 48hrs more after the 36hrs to us to process your order if you don’t get your order in 4 days if you are in Zambia contact us 

You did not receive your order?

contact us if you did not receive your order

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